Dog Sledding In Winter Park

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Dog Sledding in Winter Park

Dog Sledding in Winter Park

Winter Park Dog-Sled Tours

Bring the entire family to Winter Park/Fraser and spend some time with man’s best friend in a truly exhilarating experience.

A past time that became popular in light of races like the Iditarod and Yukon Qwest in Alaska, Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park gets most of their dogs from local kennels or homes. These Winter Park mushers operate summer cart rides, but the winter months are prime, as Dog Sleds of Winter Park has 80 Siberian and Alaskan Huskies that pull sleds in the forests near Winter Park. Each ride is a 45-minute tour on a private trail system where wildlife, including moose and coyotes, or at least their tracks, are often spotted.

Each ride can accommodate one to three guests in each sled, depending on weight and height. The trip covers approximately five miles and is complete with amazing view of the Continental Divide, Winter Park Resort and a plethora of 13,000-foot snow-covered peaks.

Trips are offered everyday the trails are open, with the exception a few dates January-April. The Fraser Valley usually has snow by the middle of November until the middle of April and because many sledders come to the area to ski Winter Park, Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park tends to be open on the same schedule as the resort. Prices vary for the winter and summer months. Reservations and a deposit are required for all trips, as well as the summer kennel tour, and can be made online.

Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park
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